Weddings have been greatly affected this past year due to the pandemic, but all markers point to a BOOM for these events in 2022.

 Many couples have decided to postpone their big day until the situation normalizes and others have reserved their date in 2022 well in advance as it is expected that it will be very difficult to find available dates.

 The events experienced in recent months have clearly marked the wedding trends for 2022.



Small format and intimate weddings

Weddings where the number of diners does not exceed 50-60 people are gaining momentum. The main trend being intimate weddings where the attendees are the closest. In these cases, the couple usually look for spaces that offer accommodation so that they can enjoy a meal with family and friends the next day.

Weddings near where the bride and groom live

All the mobility restrictions that have arisen during the previous months have made couples decide to get married near their town in order to manage and organize the celebration more easily.


bodas tarragona

The most important thing is the party

After almost 2 summers without being able to enjoy a dance floor, it was evident that this aspect would be the one that couples would prioritize in their future weddings.

 In 2022, weddings will end late in the morning to make up for all the lost time.

Decoration and centerpieces

If in 2021 the trend was the boho style where the pampa and eucalyptus predominated. In 2022 we will find a wilder style where aromatic plants gain prominence, creating bucolic environments full of personality.

Garlands of green leaves will continue to be a trend to decorate the tables. We have already started to use this trend with the first weddings of this 2022. The table decorated in green tones with the wedding catering standing, is a success for your D-day.

bodas tarragona

Furniture, kitchenware and tablecloths

Clearly the choice of furniture, table linen and utensils according to the decoration, will be one of the most outstanding trends of 2022. Where our Wedding Planner from Tarragona advises you which type is better, according to your choice of catering, place…

Currently, and after three seasons where exposed wooden tables took center stage, tables with tablecloths are back. But forget about the white table linen; Combine colors with patterns and fill the banquet with light.

Now that you know some of the wedding trends for this 2022, have you already thought about what you will include for your perfect D-day?