The moment of cutting the wedding cake continues to be one of the most expected of the banquet. Cutting the wedding cake is a tradition that to this day continues to excite both the bride and groom and the guests. A situation that is usually funny and that all the guests are aware of.

¬†Despite being a traditional act, the wedding cake has evolved and we have been able to see many different ones, of different styles, sizes, shades, flavors… So, it is normal for doubts to arise about how to choose the perfect cake for a moment and day so special. But, these tips that the F√®lix C√†tering Wedding Planner offers you on how to choose the best cake for your wedding will make that choice easier.

1. Classic cake or mini cakes

First you have to decide if you want the classic wedding cake or individual mini cakes. Those last ones have become fashionable in recent years. Small cakes with which you give a different touch to the traditional wedding cake. If you can’t decide, they can be a miniature representation of the main wedding cake itself.

2. Cake according to the theme of the wedding

You must look at the theme of the wedding, as well as take into account the date on which it is celebrated, the place, the colors and the decorations of the venue so that the wedding cake does not clash.

3. The flavor of the wedding cake

Flavors for wedding cakes: a universe of possibilities! There are thousands of flavors and combinations. Venturing to choose the most innovative or daring can be a very risky bet, and not everyone likes it. It is preferable to go for traditional ingredients. That is, you must take into account the most common flavors, since the wedding cake has to be liked by everyone present.


4. The budget

Keep an eye on the budget. How much do you want (or can you) spend? The answer will serve as a reference for choosing one type of cake or another. Having calculated the distribution of the total budget in the different expenses that a wedding entails is very important, and thus know exactly how much you can allocate to the wedding cake.

5. Professional Pastry Chef

Turn to professional pastry chefs. If you want a perfect elaboration, you must let expert hands with years of experience take care of it. Professionals who can also help and advise you on how to choose the ideal wedding cake based on your main idea.

6. Previous tasting of the wedding cake

Last but not least… Try it first! It is essential that before the big day you taste the wedding cake to see first-hand the flavors, and the combinations of these, the textures, the decoration of the wedding cake and the final aesthetics. And that it is to your taste.

As an extra tip, if when choosing the cake for your wedding, you do not have a prior idea of how you want it to be, you can always resort to seeing different images of other wedding cakes for inspiration.

 Remember that our wedding catering service can also help you choose the best cake for your wedding.


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