It was December and all our friends had met to celebrate Dani’s birthday. The entire evening passed normally until the arrival of the cake, at which point Dani proposed to Marina to the surprise of all of us present. The moment was so romantic, sincere and intimate that joy invaded us all. Elated by the great news we went to celebrate.

Preparations begin

Each couple is different and unique. We create special bonds with each one of them, but what happens when the couple are great friends? On this occasion our friendship and trust were a great advantage during all the months leading up to the wedding.

Marina, who had worked with me organizing weddings, and Dani, a professional videographer, were clear at all times on how they wanted their big day to be. His main goal was to make each guest feel special and essential that day.

Choice of providers

The experience of the bride and groom in the bridal sector made the choice of suppliers a quick and decisive task.

 They knew which professionals wanted to intervene that day and they only had to confirm that they were available for that date. The fact that they knew how each one of them worked gave them a lot of peace of mind in the months leading up to the wedding, since they were sure that their choice was the right one.

The space and the ceremony

They did not want to get married in a well-known place, as many of the guests work in the bridal industry and they wanted to surprise them.

 For this reason they chose Mas Bell, a space unknown to everyone, but located very close to Valls, where most of the guests came from. The ceremony, decorated by Secrets Vintage, was held on the same estate under the shade of a hundred-year-old pepper tree.

com organitzar una boda

The bride and the groom

Marina wore a spectacular Alicia Rueda Atelier dress that perfectly defined her personality and she couldn’t fit her better. The very natural makeup, by Vanesa Makeup and hers by Heura Musa, made the perfect set. Dani, next to him, in a Pujol Vilà suit, looked like something out of a story.

The banquet and the party

The aperitif was outdoors accompanied by the music of The Walkmans, together with whom Dani sang a song dedicated to Marina, becoming one of the most exciting moments of the wedding.

 The banquet was under a haima decorated with verbena lights. The guests ate at rustic tables, and the main course and dessert were provided by Félix Catering.

com organitzar una boda

Finally, the party was orchestrated by Showevents, which raised all the guests, who enjoyed until the last minute.

Photography and video

Luckily, we can remember all the moments we lived through as many times as we want thanks to the photographer Kepafuentes and the videographer Alromero, who immortalized what was a perfect day, full of emotions and that nobody wanted to end.


Now that you have the most important points to organize a wedding, do not hesitate to ask and we will help you with whatever it takes! In addition, at Félix Catering we also have a wedding planner who can accompany you throughout the process!