A few months ago we had the pleasure of working with great wedding professionals to carry out a themed wedding shooting. Doing this type of collaboration adds a lot of value to our work, since we have the opportunity to share our work with other professionals and this gives us a better vision of what we do.

The inspired theme for this wedding shooting was Mexico, an idea that excited and excited us in equal parts. We collaborate with great professionals such as Ramon Herreiras (wedding dresses), Sublime Photography (photography) and Jerome Duval (hairdressing and makeup). This collaboration was a good sign to start the wedding planner season in Tarragona on the right foot.

The magic of themed wedding shootings

The idea for this shooting was a Mexican wedding inspired by the most famous Mexican painter: Frida Kahlo. A session done outdoors where flowers become relevant.

The thematic wedding shooting was dominated by bright and natural colors, where above all we gave a point of realism to the staging of the site. At the time of taking the photographs we had a model that conveyed this realism of the character of Frida Kahlo, with pure and complicit looks with natural poses, nothing forced.

Inspiration in Frida Kahlo

The main character of the shooting was Frida Kahlo, a character inspired by her suffering and pain that she lived until the end of her days, and who showed great courage in the face of life’s difficulties. If we merge the character of Frida Kahlo with the essence of a Mexican wedding, an elegant and creative shooting can come out.

Theme weddings

We had a decoration that provided a Mexican vision. Transferring to the table tradition such as flowers, plants and bright colors. As a wedding catering in Tarragona and also a catering for companies, we are always excited to work with the aesthetics of other countries and in this case, the Tarragona Wedding Planner wanted to be inspired by another culture and get out of the comfort zone for this thematic shooting. And you, have you thought about who you want to inspire for your wedding?

 In this post we have left you some parts of the photographic result of that spring day. What do you think about it?